Nova Industrial Arts is an industry leader of custom fabricated elements across a multitude of mediums. We work with clients whose projects are designed with sophistication, and who demand a high level of fit and finish. At our core, we revolve around extremely talented, reliable, and precise team members. We continually invest in our ever-expanding manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to explore new and innovative fabrication techniques. We understand the critical importance of thorough communication and documentation from the minute we engage a client. We've developed an internal culture of accountability to deliver precise, detailed results that are the highest level of quality. We understand what it means to respect the design integrity of architects and environmental graphic designers, while fabricating safely to engineering requirements. We know what a deadline means and how critical it is to deliver a project on time. We do all of this while delivering the highest value to all project stakeholders. 


George and Corey Kennedy bring a dynamic expertise to the signage industry.  With over 30 years of experience, George Kennedy has successfully executed a wide spectrum of sign projects across a multitude of disciplines.  Paired with Corey's drive to progress the company through new technology and production techniques, clients know they can rely on us to complete projects above and beyond their expectations.

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George Kennedy

CEO at Nova Industrial Arts

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Corey Kennedy

COO at Nova Industrial Arts

ETL Listed Fabricator



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